Saatchi gallery

Yesterday, I went to the hospital which was in westminster and I had time to spare and automatically in my head, my mind was telling me ‘let’s go to a gallery’. So I obviously had to agree as I loooooove galleries and museums. The closest was Saatchi gallery and it’s a gallery that I haven’t visited before as well. Based in Chelsea (nearest station is sloane square) it was a beautiful area. Full of beautiful shops, scenery and pink houses!! A place that I would love to live.

When I entered the gallery, I instantly fell in love. I loved how authentic it looked, so subtle and white. So simple and beautiful. Loved how it was set, very magical to walk in.

The gallery was simply beautiful itself. All the pictures were amazing. I just loved them all and there were some that truly captured my heart. (I would post all my favourite ones down). Luckily the time I went at, wasn’t that busy at all as I know it can get extremely busy and that can put me off looking around. I loved how the gallery had all sorts of pictures that every audience can like, as if there is everything for everyone.

This photo is one of my most favourite from the gallery. I simply love how it just looks. Like in the photo, there is so many stories to be told.

and nope, that is not me!

I honestly believe that EVERYONE will love this gallery because like I said, there is something out there for everyone. It is made for all of us and it deserves to be seen by everyone at least.

So go there, while you have the chance! plus what’s so good is that it is free entry.


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