Deaf Connect 🌑

In today’s blog, I will be telling you about a deaf club that I go to often as I can. Luckily for me it is close to my house and it is safe for me to go home late if it finishes late. The club is called the ‘Redbridge Deaf club‘ and is located at 124 Horns Road, IG2 6BL. It’s on every wednesday 5-8pm. The nearest station is Newbury Park and it’s a 10 minutes walk. It is organised by Deaf connect.

I found this so aesthetically pleasing. Was taken today at the club

What I like about it is that it is usually free entry and I get to meet new people and connect with others. Also they do lots of different activities every week such as;

  • DIY beauty products
  • Deaf traveling holidays
  • Bingo
  • DIY fruit smoothies
  • Comedy film night
  • sex education
  • vegan talk

And many more! I feel like there is every activities for every person and it is very fun and productive. Whenever I go there, I am always learning something new and interesting. For example, in today’s club, I have learnt how to make a cake in a mug. Something which I have never heard. So when I learnt how to make it, it interested me to make it at home as well.

There is an interesting activity happening organised by them on the 12th of August, BMX biking. The spaces are limited, so make sure you book your space now. (You can check out their facebook Deaf connect and you can contact them via there)



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