‘Failure is just a stepping stone’ ðŸŒ¸

For me, I sometimes cannot handle failure. This is quite common for everyone, I’m sure. For me, failure is something that I cannot do. Like when I fail with something or when I don’t do well on something, I would call that a ‘failure’. But what I didn’t realise is that failure doesn’t mean that. It means giving up. When you failed with something but you try again, that is not called failure. But when you failed and given up, then that is a failure. Because you didn’t give it another chance. A *wise man* told me this. H explained that failure is just a stepping stone. That we need to fail to success. So failing is good. It gives us a chance to improve even better than before.

After being told that, I went home, thinking and analysing it. Thinking at how I look at failing as a bad thing when in reality, it could be a good thing. So if you failed in something, try again. Do not give up! Giving up makes you a failure. Aim for that success you want…



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